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PostSubject: ISLAM DIHINA LAGI...   Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:11 am

ni ada satu lagi issue yang pasti akan membangkitkan kemarahan umat islam

jack da kutuk muslims and pnduduk malaysia..

cntohnye jck say's..!!

Muslims Take Please Note:
Here are some real uses for the QURAN ...

(1) Use the pages to line a Public Toilet Seat

(2) Piss on it

(3) Use it for Kindling to start a Fire

(4) Wipe your ASS with it

(5) Make Paper Airplanes from the pages

(6) Flush it down a Sewer

(7) Use the book in a good game of Kickball

(Cool Use it to wipe your running nose with

(9) Girls Only - Use the pages for a Cunt Rag during your period

(10) Use the pages for Baby Diapers

(11) For Muslim Men Only - Use it to wipe your cum off the Goats
ass after you fuck them

(12) Use it as an Arrow to point the way to your house
(easier for the U.S. Marines to find you)

(13) Use the pages as a Cleaning Rag

(14) Use the pages to check the Oil in your Vehicle

(15) Use the pages for Napkins

(16) Let the Animals at the Zoo play with it

(17) Use it to polish your Car

(18) Use it as a Door Mat

(19) Wrap your Donkey or Camel Dung in it

(20) Spit on it

(21) Use it for Target Practice

(22) Clean the Pig Pen with it

(23) Shove it up the nearest Cleric's Ass

(24) Staple a page of it to a Mullah's Forehead

(25) Use the pages to roll a Dope Joint

(26) You can use it to wipe the Donkey Piss off yourself

(27) You can use it as a suppository

(28) Throw Up (upchuck) on it

(29) Read it, but only if you are a Devil Worshipping
Asshole Useless Pathetic Loser and Pedophile

NOTE: The uses above are intended to be a partial list only !!
This website is solely intended for HUMOR Purposes, if it offends
you, go elsewhere, but most importantly develop a friggin sense of Humor.
The world's greatest websites are from the Encantoman, where
humor meets controversy and diversity head on, and Humor wins every
damn time.

SO , ape yg kita patut lakukan sekarang..??protes? hanya membazir masa dan nyawa...

saya sekadar hendak menyampaikan berita.. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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